Meet the Poppin Puffins

Poppin Puffins is a cross chain NFT Social Nature Club on both Algorand and Terra. Not to be confused with penguins. The OG Puffins are on Terra with a collection of Space Helmets and our 3rd collection, Poppin Eels.

Following a natural disaster destroying the original Cliff Colony, our flock needed to find a new home. Algorand had everything we could ever want. The greenest blockchain, conservation minded projects and a friendly community of builders.

Our Colony has been rebuilt stronger than ever and we are continuing with our community goals. They have evolved since our original Olde Seamap and you can read more in Seamap

Adopt a Poppin Puffin when you own its NFT. Ownership includes commercial rights of your Poppin Puffin as well as membership in The Colony.

We have a lot of AUKsome things coming down the line. Check out our Medium profile for more in depth details about our Algorand Shuffle and mobile game development.

Join The Cliff Colony

Which Colony are you?

The four special Colonies require holding
one of our NFTs with unique feather or background traits:


main colony, all are welcome.


mythic, secret society


fiery, impulsive, wild cards


cool, calm, smooth operators


solitary seekers, offbeat pathfinders

Conservation and Charity

10% of all proceeds donated to various causes

Poppin Guardians is our sub community that directs our charitable donations. Our first contribution made since migrating to the Algorand block chain was 10% of our whitelist shuffle proceeds.

We adopted 8 puffins on Maine's Egg Island, 2 each as mascots for our colonies. The remainder of the amount went directly to the Audubon Society's Project Puffin that works to restore historic puffin breeding grounds in the Gulf of Maine.

Poppin Guardians also holds regular AUKtions for Signature 1/1 Puffins designed for specific causes. Some of our past recipients include the Ocean Web Alliance, the Massachusetts General Hospital's Fatherhood Project and Core Response's efforts for Ukrainian Refugees.

If you are a charity interested in raising funds using cryptocurrency or NFTs please do not hesitate to contact Poppin Guardians on Twitter

Seamap v2.1

Two puffins logo
Plus sign

Clear Vision, Bigger Mission:
As Puffins, we should help each other learn, thrive, have fun, and be happy.

We value nature and nurture humanity.
Our Puffin purpose is to spread that joy and altruism, promote the best aspects of humanity, be inclusive of all levels, and give as many people as possible a place to express themselves creatively and emotionally.

With our fun-loving community and incredible cast of characters, we have the potential to spread joy and promote creativity by developing an experiential suite of media from games to movies, both inside and out of the metaverse.

We can generate revenue and positive experiences for every Puffin!

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3. Community Activity Fund
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We have committed 15% of proceeds to a Community Fund for our Colony. These can be used as holders see fit including for in person meetup events. Funds will stay in Algo until needed to pay expenses.

This fund will continue to receive a significant % from all new revenue sources. These include the elements laid out in Seamap 2.1 and beyond (Token Generation Event / IDO, Staking APRs, Mobile Game, Web3 Metaverse integrations).

Our fund may be modest, but it doesn’t mean we can’t do gigantic things.
Let’s rAUK!

Iceland Logo
2. Iceland Meet up
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One of the biggest items on our original Seamap was the Iceland Meetup. All of the details are not yet finalized but...

Here's what we can tell you:
1 - Early October
2 - Reykjavik
3 - Definitely will be some artsy stuff and drinks
4 - Free admission for all Poppin Puffins holders!
5 - During the Reykjavík International Film Festival: approximately 25,000 people attend each year so there will be plenty going on that week!

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4. MObile game
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Short story: fun simple single player game featuring our Poppin Puffins Characters for release on iOS. This was an idea that developed organically through the community.

Long story: see our article on Medium

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6. Next steps to be announced, stay tuned!
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5. building community
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The genesis of this project was bringing Graffiti Art to NFTs but the heart of it is always our Community. This small project has attracted an amazing group of people from all over the world.

Join us on the Cliff Colony on Discord for some of our activities like RoyEEL Rumble, Trivia nights and Tattoo Parlor session with The Olifants where you can get some ink for your favorite NFTs. Also if you're interested in buying Puffins and want to learn how the Community is happy to teach.

Our Algorand shuffle is open until July 25th. Check out more details in our articles on Medium.


Lil Auk Puffin

Lil Auk

TheOlifants Puffin

The Olifants

Founder / Artist

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VP of Organization
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Content / Web
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Utility Dev


Head of Guardians