Meet the Poppin Puffins

Poppin Puffins is an NFT Social Nature Club featuring a unique series of 9873 curious and delightful puffins launching on the Terra Blockchain. Not to be confused with penguins. 

Adopt a Poppin Puffin when you own its NFT. Ownership includes commercial rights of your Poppin Puffin as well as membership in The Colony.

Ten thousand years ago, the Viking ship Nettle landed on tiny Heimaey island off the south shore of Iceland. Searching for a safe harbor among the cliffs, they discovered a strange little creature. These were the ancient Puffins. 

Puffins have the power to change the weather and are possibly reincarnations of souls lost at sea.
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Join The Cliff Colony

Choose Your Colony

There are five puffin Colonies
- Cliff / main colony, all are welcome
- Lava / fiery, impulsive, wild cards
- Glacier / cool, calm, smooth operators
- Wave / solitary seekers, offbeat pathfinders
- Aurora / mythic, secret society
Mystery Puffin Aurora

Save The Wild Birds

2.5% of profits will be donated to charities supporting Puffins and the conservation of natural seabird habitats.


Lil Auk Puffin

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Founder / Artist

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